12 simple tips before exhibiting at a trade fair

Being an exhibitor at a trade fair is not always easy and there is a lot to consider. Some things may be a little more important than others while some things are less important. As an exhibitor, it is important to have a well-planned exhibition stand, partly to attract stakeholders but also the right stakeholders. Therefore, we intend to share with you 12 simple tips for you who are going to exhibit at a trade fair.

Our 12 simple tip for you who going to exhibiting at a trade fair

They will help your trade fair stand stick out from the rest of the competition at a trade fair. You may read more about the various suggestions in the sections below.

1. Find the right fair for your target group

When you are going to exhibit at a fair, it can be important to ask yourself, what do I want out of exhibiting at this fair? There are many different fairs that you can exhibit at, but where do you find your target group?

Doing research on your target audience can be crucial to how much you will sell at a trade fair.

If your target group will not be interested in the fair that you intend to exhibit at, it may be a good idea to ask yourself the question of whether it will be worth it.

2. Preparation determines success

Having prepared for the fair is an important part of your planning of exhibiting at a fair. With a well-planned  and preparation of both the trade fair stand and  your stakeholders, the trade fair can be a success.

In addition to having a well-planned trade fair stand, there are other things that can be good to prepare before the trade fair begins.

One of the preparations that you can make is to market yourself on your social media that you will participate in the fair. Then you build up an expectation and prepare the visitors for the fact that you will participate and that it is something they do not want to miss.

3. Giving is better than taking …

At a trade fair, you want to spread facts about your company and the products you want to sell. But sometimes it can be better to give instead of take.

Therefore, it can be good that the main focus is not on selling as much as possible but instead giving visitors a good impression that is worth remembering.

If the visitor gets a good impression, there is a chance that they will remember your brand. This can lead to a purchase or the visitor initiating a partnership with your company.

4. Make room for a slightly more secluded place for your business

During the fair, visitors will most likely come and go. But if there is a visitor who wants to know more about the company or perhaps wants to start a collaboration, it can be good to be able to talk undisturbed.

Therefore, it can be good to include a place in your planning of trade fair stands where you can talk undisturbed and give full focus to the person.

5. Arrange a raffle of a product

A trade fair does not have to be just about selling, handing out brochures or flyers. It can also mean having fun and bid on itself. Or in this case that you arrange a raffle.

Ask visitors to hand in their business card or note with the name of the person who does not have a business card and raffle off a prize at the end of the day. This is both fun but also a great way to draw attention around your product and to gain access to many contacts.

6. Set up an event arc

For those of you who want to try something new that is both stylish and attracts attention, one of our event arches can be something for you. With an event arch, you can create a portal for your trade fair stand.

You can also set it up next to your products to draw attention to them or you can have a print with a message that you want to reach out with.

7. Hand out brochures and flyers

Another thing that can be good to do when you are at the fair is to hand out brochures and flyers. It is important to talk about your brand and products, but a lot of information is easy to forget.

Therefore, it can be good to have brochures and flyers that you can hand out so that visitors can take it home.

8. Offer special offers

As a visitor to a trade fair, there are several different exhibitors that you can visit and some have similar products and services. Therefore, it is important to stand out and be able to offer something that is more attractive than your competitors’ offer.

Therefore, plan a special offer that you can offer visitors at the fair.

9. Dare to step away from the trade fair stand and be social

Another tip that we can share is that you dare to step away from your exhibition stand and socialize with visitors and other exhibitors.

That way, you can make contacts with other exhibitors that can be good for the future. When you walk around and talk to visitors, you can also talk a little about your brand and ask what they think about the fair.

All information is valuable information!

10. Adapt the environment of your trade fair stand to your target group

It is important to keep track of whether you are at the right trade fair to reach the target group you want to aim for. But it can also be important that you adapt your trade fair stand to your target group’s environment.

With an environment in your trade fair stand that relates to your product or to your target group, you create a context that makes visitors feel comfortable but also gives your product a boost.

11. Do not forget the conclusion and the evaluation

When the fair is over and you have packed everything, it can be nice to let go of the fair and take it easy. But before you do this, it may be a good idea to sit down with your colleagues and go through the day at the fair.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • How did the fair go?
  • Did we achieve our goal?
  • Could we have done something different or better?
  • What do we take with us to the next fair?

12. Follow-up planning

The last and perhaps most important tip that we can share is that you make a follow-up plan for the new contacts you have acquired. If you do not follow up all the collaborations or contacts that you have created, the fair has been completely unprofitable.