About Us

Bannerbow is based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Our ambition is to try to produce most of our products in our vicinity. We believe that local production gives us advantages in terms of quality, service and accessibility. We work close to our customers and can quickly resolve customer-specific requests with our partners.

Our focus is on quality and sustainability. Bannerbow products are in the category of premium presentation systems. The display systems are durable yet easily updated by changing banners.

An innovative design

Sweden has long been a leader in the development of display, expo and event systems. Bannerbow is proud to be part of this Swedish tradition. Our contribution to this development is that we want to bring new shapes and innovative solutions to the market. Solutions that allow the customers to proudly display their company and make a lasting impression.

Bannerbow offers innovative display products for exhibition, event and retail. The experience and feeling that Bannerbow event arches creates is really unique. With Bannerbows portable event arches and backdrop you can easily create an exciting stand solution with room experience instead of a regular roll-up, sign or banner. Design the banners as you want it with your own graphics, logo and material.



The idea was born when Ulf Meijer bent a paper strip over the edge of his desk. The strip became an arch that he placed on the desk. He placed a small piece of paper underneath and directly realized that this would be an exciting way to create a room within the room, a new and exciting product for fairs, events and public spaces.

The bow had an expression and shape that stood in contrast with the angular signs and mechanical tents you often see at fairs and events. This arch had a new innovative style, almost organic. A shape that both invites and embraces you.

The concept became even stronger when Ulf found a way to construct the foot that could be turned into a bag that has room for the entire product.

We think

  • Marketing materials – that last a long time!  One product that can be used in many different ways.
  • Systems can be used both indoors and outdoors, which gives you several different areas of use all year round, regardless of the season.
  • Easily renew the product by changing the banner when you want to change messages or promotions.