Alternatives to event tents / advertising tents

For those of you who own or are going to buy an event tent also known as an advertising tent, this article can be helpful for you.
Below you can read more about what an event tent is. We will also give you some options to complement your event tent so that it stands out from the crowd.

What is an event tent / advertising tent?

An event tent or advertising tent also called a pop-up tent, depot tent or express tent is a tent that is used at trade fairs and events.

The purpose of an event tent is to attract attention that gives you the opportunity to gather people around the products or messages you want to share.

There are several different variants of event tents that differ from the design but also how to set them up.

Some of the different variants are:

  • Star tent
  • Dome Tent
  • Inflatable Tent

No matter what tent you use, it is important to stand out so that you do not miss out on showing what you have to offer. Below you can read about some compliments that you can use for your event tent.

Complement to your event tent / advertising tent

Using only an event tent can be a good start for you who want to exhibit at a trade fair or event.

But to really stand out and make the stakeholders want to stop by your tent, there are a few other things you can do.

So therefore we will share a little complement to your event tent that can make it easier to attract and make stakeholders stay longer.

  • Seating

Having some chairs or benches available is a great way to get your stakeholders to stay longer.

  • Event table

With an event table, you can set up things that you can offer such as sweets or brochures.

  • Event arch

An event arch makes it easier for stakeholders to see you and your event tent from a distance and has an inviting shape.

Flexible event arch from Bannerbow

The event arch from Bannerbow, which you can read a little about above, is a flexible and easily transported complement for your event tent.

Bannerbow’s event arch is easy to handle and can be quickly mounted up and down. You can use the event arch indoors or you can have the event arch outdoors.

So for you who want a flexible complement to your event tent, an event bow from Bannerbow can be good to supplement with.