Outdoor Advertising – What is it?

Advertising outdoors can be a great and easy way to draw attention to a company or various products. Therefore, in this post below we will take a closer look at what outdoor advertising is and what options there are to choose from.

What is outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest and clearest ways that we humans began to advertise. It can be anything from a billboard, shop windows, spinning signs, posters and digital screens.

But what and when to use it? That question can be a little difficult to answer, but if you have a large company with a good budget, some of the more expensive alternatives may work. But for you who are a smaller company, maybe one of the less expensive alternatives suits you better.

Therefore, we have listed below some tips on how you can think depending on how you want to be seen and so that it fits your budget when it comes to outdoor advertising.

This can be used for your outdoor advertising

When it comes to fixing your outdoor advertising, there are several options to choose from. Therefore, we want to make it easy for you to choose the right option for the right purpose.

Below are some suggestions that you can use without having to advertise outdoors.

  • Digital screen

A digital screen is one of the more expensive options, especially if you are going to buy your own. But there are digital screens that you can rent so that it does not become too expensive.

The advantage of a digital screen is that it is very noticed and can make more people see your message. It is usually a larger one-time art. But cheaper in the long run if you want to replace your message.

The downside is that it is expensive and usually only larger companies use this type of advertising.

  • Sandwich board

A sandwich board is a cheaper version that you can place outside your company so that potential customers can see your message. It is easy to pick up and it is easy to replace the poster that you put in the sandwich board.

This option is suitable for all companies as it is cheaper and simpler.

  • Event arch

With an event arch, you get a sustainable marketing alternative that is less suitable for  large companies. The event arch works perfectly outdoors and is easy to assemble down and up.

  • Posters

A poster is a good way for those who want to advertise outdoors with a smaller budget that has a large reach.