Portable backdrop with own print and logo

With a portable backdrop, you increase your visibility at trade fairs and other events. Below you can read more about what a backdrop is. We will also share a tip further down on what you can combine your backdrop with.

What is a backdrop?

A backdrop can be used at trade fairs and events. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and usually has a design with a special print or logo from a company.

Backdrop a similar version of the exhibition wall

Exhibition walls give you the opportunity to be seen better at events and fairs and become a good background for your exhibition stand. But with a portable backdrop, you can easily take it with you, quickly assemble it so that you are always ready when you put your company in the spotlight.

We at Bannerbow have several different sizes of backdrop that you can buy here on our website. With our portable backdrop it will be smooth and easy to get ready and set up everything before the fair or event that you are to attend.

The backdrop from Bannerbow is a portable solution that we deliver in a flexible roller bag. When you order a backdrop from us, choose the print or logo that we adapt the backdrop to.

For more information about our backdrops, you can read more here.

Things you can combine your exhibition wall with

Below you can read about some tips on things that you can combine your exhibition wall with.

Using only one exhibition wall can be a little too little if you want to be seen and stand out from your competitors at a trade fair or event. Therefore, it can be good to combine your exhibition wall with a few other things.

A tip for those who are considering investing in a backdrop is to combine it with one or more event arcs.

We have several event arches in different sizes that will help you stand out more from the crowd.

Other things that you can combine your exhibition wall with are roll-ups, pop-ups, tables and chairs.